4 Easy Ways to Help Fundraise for Junction Elementary!

Questions? Contact Summer Betley at purchaseprogramchair@junctionptc.com

Amazon Smile

  • Go to smile.amazon.com and log in with your current Amazon account
  • Scroll down to “Or pick your own charitable organization” and search for leJunction Elementary and select Junction Elementary School PTC in Roseville
  • Check the box “Yes, I understand that I must always start at smile.amazon.com to
    support Elementary School PTC”
  • Click “Start Shopping” and start shopping!

Box Tops 4 Education

  • Buy – Find Box Tops on hundreds of products
  • Clip – Clip Box Tops from each package
  • Send – Send the Box Tops to school in a baggie
  • Earn – Box Tops are worth 10 cents for Junction

Junction Box Tops Collection Sheet

Box Top Products

Nugget Market Scrip Card

  • Pick up your Nugget Scrip Card in the Junction Front Office
  • Register your new Nugget Market Scrip Card at https://scrip.nuggetmarket.com
  • Select “Sign up now” in the Log In area
  • Be sure to choose Junction Elementary School Roseville as the beneficiary
  • Use the card every time you shop at Nugget and Junction will get a percentage!

Benefit Mobile App

  • Use this free App to purchase electronic gift cards (for the exact amount of your purchase most of the time)
  • Cards can be used instantly at many retailers, including Home Goods, Starbucks, Old Navy, Lowes, Hotels.com, etc.
  • Junction will receive between 1% and 8%
  • Click here for an easy how-to guide: Benefit eScrip How To