Per District policy, all volunteers must be cleared by the school and/or District prior to participating in school activities. For liability reasons, volunteers are expected to make alternate plans for the care of siblings. They are not to accompany volunteers in their volunteer capacity.

Category I Volunteers visit school on an occasional basis and participate in activities always within view of school staff. Participation as a Category I volunteer does not require fingerprinting or TB testing. Examples include:

  • Attendance at classroom/school events, fairs, recognitions, celebrations
  • Classroom or lunch time visit on a limited basis – a few times per year
  • Classroom presenters
  • Clerical volunteers – copying, collating, filing, etc.
  • High school student volunteers in a high school sponsored program
  • Participation in school beautification projects or projects of a limited duration

Category II Volunteers participate on a regular basis, sometimes out of view of school staff. Participation as a Category II volunteer requires Live Scan fingerprint clearance and TB clearance prior to beginning as a volunteer. Examples include:

  • Regularly scheduled classroom support
  • Day field trip chaperone
  • Overnight field trip chaperone
  • After‐School program supervisors
  • Club Sponsors

If you are interested in volunteering at Junction Elementary:

  • Determine which Category Volunteer Application you need to complete (i.e. Category I or II) and submit to the school front office

  • For all Category II Volunteers:
    • Submit current TB clearance to the school front office (good for four years from the date issued)
    • Fingerprints must be obtained through RCSD.  Complete the Volunteer request for Live Scan and take to any business offering Live Scan services. If you believe you may have current prints on file with the District, please contact the school office to verify. Fingerprinting services are often on campus during Back to School Nights also.

Please contact the Roseville City School District office at (916) 771-1600 for any questions related to volunteering and the District requirements or visit their website at: