Interested in volunteering on campus or for events? Complete the necessary forms in order to voulnteer:

Category I Volunteers

Volunteers who visit school on an occasional basis and participate in activities always within view of school staff. Participation as a Category I volunteer does not require fingerprinting or TB testing. Examples include:

  • Attendance at classroom/school events, fairs, recognitions, celebrations
  • Classroom or lunch time visit on a limited basis – a few times per year
  • Classroom presenters Clerical volunteers – copying, collating, filing, etc.
  • High school student volunteers in a high school sponsored program
  • Participation in school beautification projects or projects of a limited duration

Requirements: Completion of a Category I Volunteer Application

Category II Volunteers

Volunteers who participate on a regular basis, sometimes out of view of school staff. Participation as a Category II
volunteer requires Live Scan fingerprint clearance and TB clearance prior to beginning as a volunteer.
Examples include:

  • Regularly scheduled classroom support
  • Day field trip chaperone
  • Overnight field trip chaperone
  • After‐School program supervisors
  • Club Sponsors

Requirements: Completion of Category II Volunteer Application and LiveScan Form